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New Guild Just Looking For Any Members!
Casual starter guild looking to grow and help foster new players or older players getting back into the game after a break. Recently started and looking for active players capable of earning raid tickets to help the guild grow. Currently at 15 members and 30mil GP. If interested guild name is Force Skins Alliance. Discord is- https://discord.gg/Xxr69x9g
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Looking for a guild
Casual player - 2.5 GLs 
NZ time zone... 
8.9 M gp
but busy work life...
and kind offers appreciated :)
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DRAMA free, active players - Brotherhood of Ashbo
Competitive but casual. DRAMA FREE accepting Singles or small groups.
Minimum requirements: 6M GP or higher | 2GLs | 2571 skill rating | Participation in all guild events.
Contact: Discord (jaybee#5246), or in-game (421-423-721)
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Гильдия TOH призывает в свои ряды!
Гильдия TOH призывает в свои ряды!


Сброс энки 20:30 (МСК)
ГМ гильдии на 370кк+
32* на ДТТБ
26* на ДСТБ
ЯМА 2.0 - быстрое прохождение

1. ГМ от 5кк 
2. Энка 600
3. Наличие минимум 2 светлых легенд
4. Участие на ТБ и ВГ с полной отдачей
5. Любое читерство категорически запрещено
6. Общение в Телеграм
7. Профиль на swgoh.gg


БОТЫ гильдии:
Телеграм: @SWGOH_GuildBot
Дискорд: @SWGOH_HUB_bot

Рекрутёр: @radgura
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Temos vaga disponíveis para players que queiram se divertir e criar vínculos de amizade e irmandade.

 - Guilda com 263M de PG: https://swgoh.gg/g/q43G6DAoTn-Z6vCc0k6uoA/
 - 65 lendas
Fazemos atualmente:
- 12 
SWGOH Team Manager
RoBBoS ReBels n Me
                About Us

We are an independent Uk based Guild currently running at 182mgp. We are currently looking for players we can welcome in to the guild, starting from 3mgp & up, who are focused, and keen to progress. You don’t have to have a GL, just be semi serious, and play daily. So if that sounds like you, then drop by for a chat. 

We’re a very well organised & well structured Guild with an amazing bunch of guys. We do like to push the limits, and maximise our efforts, after all isn’t that what guild life is about “working collectively as a team”. We give clear direction and help with regards to what we require from you in an event, but other than that you play your game, the way you want. We ask for the optimal amount of raid tickets from you daily, which allows that raids can be launched regularly “pretty much  daily”.  We also have an excellent success rate of 90% + in TW, and we’re consistently improving in both Geos TB’s, maximising our rewards.

TB and TW focused guild (we have a very high participation rate) 

We use SWGOH Team Manager, to plan out our strategy for every TW, helping us to maximise our efforts. 

          Raid Information

We’re fully Heroic with HSTR
Heroic Pit & HAAT raid on Sim
All Raids launch at 1900hrs gmt on 24hr join 

DS - Geonosis 23 ⭐️ + 22 WAT shards + 
LS - Geonosis 9 ⭐️ 



Feel free to come and have a chat if you’d like to know more. 
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