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# __LFG__ #

__What I bring__

- 1.8m GP
- 16 relics (very focussed account)
- 2.66 MQ

__Farming Plan__

At the moment, I have just unlocked Darth Revan, so I am working on building up my Sith Empire. Once Malak is unlocked, I will be working on Grand Inquisitor, the Bad Batch, and then finally GAS. This is all leading up to my first GL, which will be Lord Vader

__What I am looking for__

- DS Geo and ROTE, but looking to moving to full time ROTE shortly
- Active on discord
- Featured raid running once a week
- 75%+ win rate in TW

__What would be nice__

- Guild focus on unlocking Reva
- Beginning to prepare  for the Naboo raid

I’m looking to move in once this current TB finishes, DM me if interested

Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/62bAAoaYRKm4Wh1GNSuiIg/
Tired of the same old guild ads? Us too. Here’s the TL;DR for THE Scruffy Lookin’ Nerfherders:

THE Scruffy Lookin’ Nerfherders:

•490M+ GP
•33 RotE TB | 30+ Reva
       •Working towards Zeffo
•Speeder Bike Raid | 208m Crate
•Expert Officers from former top end guilds

What you need to bring:

•9m GP (Negotiable depending on roster) 
•4+ GLs & 1+ Super Ships (Roster that is able to participate in RotE TB.
•Working towards JKCK
•No mandated farms, but willing to work on characters for TB platoons
•TB compliance mandatory
•TW optional, but expected to participate if you join
•Good damage in ~~Motion Sickness Simulator~~ Speeder Bike Raid
•600 raid tickets/day
•Active in discord
•SWGOH.GG profile
•Communicate away time with officers
•Not being a total Douche Magoo

We are part of the LTDL autonomous collective. However, movement between other guilds in the collective is NOT forced and Scruffy Lookin’ Nerfherders members will only be moved between guilds if requested by the member or if consistent performance expectations are not met.


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Hello Galaxy!

**Purged Republic. 500M GP 35 ROTE 35 Reva**  

Guild SWGOH:

Discord Server Link:


Languages: English & Español.

Ideal Recruit

- [ ]  +9.000.000 GP
- [ ]  +5GL and executor profundity

What we expect

- [ ] Discord responsive 
- [ ] 600
- [ ] ROTE Operation Assignments
- [ ] Reva ready or unlocked
- [ ] Jabba or Leia unlocked or farming shards
- [ ] Participating in TWs (defense and offense) this is a must and priority will be given to players competitive in this area.
- [ ] Kyber GAC
- [ ] 3.00 mod score
- [ ] Guild Reset 3:30 PST | 6:30 EST

Current Raids and TB/TW status

- [ ] Endor Raid (close to 400M)
- [ ] ROTE 35 stars 35 Reva
- [ ] Top 40 TW guild 

Lesh#2325 (Leader)
Yoda90#0864 (Me) 
Hot Utils

The Sons of Kenobiii
-  300mil GP
- 27 Wat Shards
- 26 stars DS Geo
- 15 stars ROTE
- 108mil SBR
- 71-1 in TW
- Friendly and active community that is growing quickly!
- No required farms

Looking for:
- over 4mil GP (can make exceptions based on roster)
- Active participation
- People happy and excited to grow with the guild!
- At least 1 GL

Join our discord or msg me to talk: https://discord.gg/2dzenbtmxh
Several Spots Open for Veteran 9mil+ Players Looking for Well Managed Independent Competitive 500+ mil Guild with Relaxed Environment
540M+ GP Guild - Speeder Bike Raid 424 Mill Plus - Looking for 2 New Members - ROTE 37 ⭐️ - 43 Reva Shards - Competitive in TW - Great Leadership & Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Inform

Knights of Eternal Order


49/50 Members, 540M+ GP

16:30 PST / 19:30 EST / 23:30 GMT Guild Reset


  • 6+ GLs, at least 2 of Profundity, Executor, Leviathan

    *JKCK Ready (Zeffo)

  • 600 Tickets Daily

  • Active Discord Use


  • Actively Farming & Improving Mods Feel free to DM me even if you lack the above.

    *TB: * 37 ⭐️ROTE & 43 Reva shards * *

  • ROTE Zeffo Access (JKCK) Priority -- Speeder Bike Raid 424 Mill Plus


  • We have a dedicated Discord channel for TW

  • Adaptive strategy depending on our opponent & team readiness

  • Proven Winning Track Record *

    Competitive in TW


  • Rotating guild raid times:

  • 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT

  • 14:00 PST / 17:00 EST / 22:00 GMT

  • 20:00 PST / 23:00 EST / 04:00 GMT

    HOW TO JOIN US: Please come to our Discord server & an Officer will help you! We want EVERYONE to succeed & are constantly looking to improve on what we're doing to help all within our collective of 8️⃣ independently run guilds. We are an established guild with active players who are looking for like-minded, common-sense individuals to join us for the growth & benefit of all!

320m GP - 144m Raid Chest - Extraordinary Heroes - looking for members

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/I1Gz3WbrTwyf_dp9I9H7VA/

Extraordinary Heroes

Extraordinary Heroes is a U.S. based, fast growing, English speaking guild made up of members who participate with maximum effort in all events. We can have room for a member and you can join right now or after the tb.

-320 Million+ GP when full

-RotE: 21 Stars, double RotE

-Currently doing Speeder Bike Raid (144m Chest!!!)

-141 GLs/GL Ships

-TW Record: 67-30

-Average Skill Rating: 2709

-unlimited knowledge and quick updates on the latest tricks to achieve maximum progress on events.

Requirements to join: (any amount of these can be overlooked if you excel in certain other requirements)

≈600 Raid Tickets daily

-Willing to relic a few units for ROTE Operations

-6 Million GP Minimum

-At Least 1 GL

-Omega Mod Score 3 or greater

-Use Discord (mandatory)

-Active Participation in all Guild PvE game modes

Click on the server link if you’re interested in joining and can meet a majority of the requirements.


**SIGM∆ DELT∆ 500M+ guild is looking for members, 35⭐️ROTE, 36 Reva, Zeffo Ready, 350m+ SBR, 75% TW Winrate. Member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE.**

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/hufiABCWQzGZrbjHSJpPWw/

**Join SIGM∆ DELT∆ - 500m+ GP - Sigma Alliance Member**

**THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE is a 15+ Guild Alliance.**

**DELT∆ is a 500+ million GP** ***HIGHLY*** competitive TW-focused guild that looks out for one another and motivates each other to develop rosters.
We are looking for players with 9M+ GP, a PvP-capable roster, 4+ GLs, one or more GL-Tier Capital ships and who hate to lose! With unmatched leadership, planning, strategic analysis we have many resources available to get the most out of our roster.

**What we offer:**
- 35* ROTE (on a path to 36)
- 350m+ SBR
- High TW Winrate >75%
- Pushing hard towards Reva (36 Shards)
- 35 Zeffo ready, unlocking soon!
- Dedicated, helpful & organized leadership
- Roster Development and coaching available

**What we are looking for:**
- Active players
- 9M+ GP
- 6m SBR Damage
- Mandatory participation in TB (with operations)
- Grand Inquisitor mandatory farm (Reva ready)
- Zeffo Ready
- TW is mandatory to participate on both sides
- Meta TW omicrons 
- Discord account is mandatory (for guild event coordination)
- 600 tickets a day. Ticket reminders are sent via discord (Hotbot)

Stop by the dropzone in discord, and fill out the player survey and request to be sorted into a guild today!


Discord Contact: mekerakesh
The Eternal Barons!! 400M GP Guild - Recruiting - RotE - 27* Reva focused, 144m Endor Score - Competitive in TW - Great Leadership, Active Discord and Social Members - See Post for More Information

The Eternal Barons https://recruit.swgoh.gg/guild/3726/the-eternal-barons


  • 7.5M GP minimum
  • 3 GL minimum
  • Executor, Profundity,or Levi
  • All Guild Events are mandatory

About Us

  • Semi-Competitive
  • 27 stars in RotE. Reva mission is a guild focus, 25 Grand Inquisitors and more in process.
  • 144M crate in SBR. Avg. 175M
  • We understand life happens so exceptions for participation can be made
  • TW record 139W-24L. 85% Win rate.

How To Join

Click on the Discord link provided above and one of our recruiters will assist you. We look forward to having you on board!

SIGM∆ DELT∆ 500M+GP, 35⭐️ROTE, 36 Reva, Zeffo ready, 350m+ SBR, 75% TW Winrate. Member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE.
SWGOH Events
Hi guys, my friends looking for a guild as he’s trying to progress further. Currently working on Geos, Phoenix and Imp Troopers


Can guarantee 600 tickets a day
Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/-_DZmP9GTMe--E07gukRLw/

Come and be a Territory War Annihilation Tactician! Leading guild in the TWAT alliance

If you want a guild that excels in all aspects of the game then consider us. We are one of the best all around guilds in the world! 

Our stats:
~547 mil GP 
~38* ROTE
~ Zeffo maxed
~ Mandalore unlocked

-40+ Reva with streaming available.
424 SBR Box
93% Win rate in TW with full participation always expected. 158-12 overall.  Always 50/50 NEVER SANDBAG. Multiple wins against larger opponents.
Actively preparing for the new Raid

What we look for:
-At least 10 mil GP, 8 GLs, 5.0 mod score, at least 40 +25 speed mods.
Multiple fleet meta teams
PVP passionate with active participation in TW.
Active Datacron and Omicron engagement.
Focused on developing rosters for new PVE/PVP content.
Active in Conquest with multiple refreshes per day strongly encouraged.

Stop on by if you want Dis0rder in your life.

Trashadorians has one spot open

Daily Players Only!

Mad mudders are recruiting: 30+ wat shards a month and 15+* on ROTE rotations. 108m crate on Endor speeder raid. Joining discord is preferred
Looking for casual addicts

Come help us push 39*

Competitive but relaxed


550m guild

Part of the Schwartzies Alliance!


The Last Crusaders want you! We are acompetitive/casual guild looking for active players to join our team! Comecrusade with us!

Who we are looking for: Players 11mill+ with atleast 7 GL and 2 GL ship 600 raid tix daily Willing to receive dm messages from hotutils for platoon assignments, ready for JKCK and the Zeffo unlock mission as well as Bo Katan / Mandalor mission , active participation.

What we offer: Dad jokes! Knowledge on the new datacrons! Good counters advice available with many guides for game events. An understanding that irl comes before the game just let someone know so we plan accordingly

38* in ROTE tb 35+ reva shards .

Currently hitting the 424m reward I n the Endor Raid . We are paused here as we focus our attention on ops / Zeffo for our next two TB stars . We will be pushing the next reward in the next raid

Win about 70% of our TW matchups.Come check out or alliance discord for further information!

Overpowered Phoenix | 579M GP | 40* ROTE + Mandalore + Zeffo | Semi-competitive TW with 85%+ winrate! | Looking for 3 players
Rebels Without a Car: 495M GP, 34* ROTE, looking for a TB-focused individual preferably with JKCK/Bo

Rebels Without a Car is a welcoming, casual-competitive guild whose primary focus is growing and developing in ROTE TB and improving our raid scores. We get 34 stars in RoTE, although we're rapidly pushing for 35+, and 250M points in the new Endor raid. We are looking for a driven player who's willing to help out the guild. We are VERY TW casual, and very TB competitive. We have 1 spot open currently.

What we require from you:

-Daily player who gets their 600 tickets

-4 GLs/1 GL ship, actively pursuing more to improve your roster (Leia or Leia progress highly desired)

-Several well-built teams for Endor raid

-8M+ GP

-JKCK/Zeffo readiness (we have 38 JKCK; but more is always better)

-Bo-Katan Mand’alor progress/ownership (we’re shooting for Mandalore unlock by July)

What we want from you (aka not at all required, but they will help your application a ton):

-Communication if something comes up (we will understand if you have to step away from the game for a few days if shit happens. That’s how life works)

-Interest in pursuing Gungans/Naboo raid teams down the line

What you can expect from us:

-Steady growth

-A 3 strikes system that resets every month, keeping players active and cycling out older, less participating members while not being too harsh

-Top tier Conquest strategy guides

-TB performance that is above the average for our GP bracket

Interested? Join our discord at discord.gg/HcdaV43 and we’ll be right with you! Feel free to try even if you don’t fit requirements exactly; we’re very willing to examine each roster individually.

ABOUT US: https://swgoh.gg/g/EwJxF6bASsqN3-2V31SWnw/

JOIN OUR  SERVER: https://discord.gg/V33Kfaj

SIGMA ALLIANCE is a 16 Guild Alliance.

TAU is a 525 million GP guild and a proud member of THE SIGMA ALLIANCE.

We are a US based guild looking for TB focused players. With unmatched leadership, planning, and strategic analysis, we have many resources available to get the most out of your roster.


- 35 ⭐️ ROTE • 33 Reva shards, 32 ⭐️ DS GEO TB • 40+ WAT shards, 27 ⭐️ LS GEO TB • ~15 KAM shards. We are purely running ROTE
- Dedicated, helpful & organized leadership.
- Friendly and supportive community
- KAM and Reva Coaches and roster development available.
- Guaranteed R9 Mats from TW
- 208M Speeder Bike reward box


- TB oriented, willing to relic a couple subpar characters for platoons if need be
- Consistent participation in Guild events.
- 5M damage in Speeder Bike raid minimum (we can help you reach this if you aren’t able to yet)
- 600 tickets daily.
- Enthusiasm and friendliness.
- Discord activity (checked at least once a day) and a swgoh.gg profile.


- 10M or more GP
- 5 or more GLs
- 2 or more GL ships
- Mod rating of 3.0 or better (this can be found on HotUtils without any subscription. Open the Player dropdown on left side, click Profile, find Mod score)
- 7+ Conquest units
- Reva ready
- Working towards JKCK in the near future

Even if you don’t meet, or you exceed these requirements, we have a guild for you! We look forward to seeing you in the Sigma Alliance!
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/nBablNjDRNWxloN02L_CQA/

BRG Noble Struggle is recruiting! Looking for 2 to replace a couple inactives.

285mil guild. Chill group of people that like to compete and help each other out!

What we offer: 
- No forced farms, but we are encourging people to gear up Inqs and platoons for ROTE
- ROTE: 14-16 stars
- Speeder Bike Raid. 36mil box, pushing for 108.
- 2024 TW record: 14-10
- We understand life comes before the game. 7 day inactivity kick with no notice or communication.

What we’re looking for:
- Discord (required)
- 3mil+ GP (willing to go lower)
- TB participation required
- TW optional to join, required participation if joining
- GL or close to a GL
- Daily activity preferred
Sigma Tau is looking for members. 525M, 35* ROTE, great community of part of 16 guilds alliance.
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/fsNhEYl9Qpei2rnCin-Cdg/

Awakened Rebels is looking for a new recruit  Contact: DarthJayDub
555M 38 RotE
Zeffo Unlocked, working on Mandalore
424 SBR box

TW competitive friendly environment 10M 6GLs + Reva, 2 Fleet GL, TW Omicrons.  Datacrons and Conquest characters.  RotE platoons are appreciated.  
Special consideration given to those with focused rosters. 
***Member of the Awakened Collective Contact is darthjaydub#6614***

Also recruiting for all collective guilds. so something for everyone
Wide  range of size, activity levels and competitiveness.  Active community in the alliance server where about 800 people who share their love for Star Wars, swgoh and life in general.


Hot Utils
Still looking?
Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/W7DK1EZ-TPyK-Eli4H7enA/
Livin La Vida Yoda

Looking to replace 1
Looking for a guild with an active discord community? We got it
Looking for a guild with a strong TW presence? We got it
Looking for droid brains? We earn them
Looking for a guild that squeezes what it can out of TBs? We do it 
Looking for help with the Reva mission? We stream it

Looking for 8.5 mil gp+ with 4 GLs and 1 GL Ship 
Reva/JKICK Ready & TW/TB focused players

485 mil gp
Earn 208 box in Speeder Bike Raid
RoTE (2x per month) 33* 38 Reva shards earned 

500M+ GP EU Guild with US friendly times - Looking for a new Member - RotE TB - 36 ⭐️, 40/48 Reva shards and climbing, 48 Reva unlocked. Krayt running constantly at 140m - Great Leadership, Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Blue Squadron Eternal https://recruit.swgoh.gg/guild/548/blue-squadron-eternal

500M+ GP 49/50 members UK / EU Guild Reset (US Friendly) Discord https://discord.gg/xevajEGw2c

REQUIREMENTS * 10M+ GP (allowance can always be made for good rosters)
* 500 tickets per day (but 600 preferred) * Active Discord Use * TB participation is mandatory * TW participation is not mandatory, however if you register in an event, we expect you to be active

ABOUT US * Krayt running at 140m+ points for 130m crate. With new raid announced, we are focusing on that instead of getting krayt dragon score up. * RotE TB - 36 ⭐️, 40/48 Reva shards and climbing. 48 Reva unlocked, plans in place for 37 stars+

HOW TO JOIN US Please come to our Discord server and an Officer or myself will assist you! We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

SWGOH Events
Hello I just started a new f2p account I currently can’t make a swgoh.gg as they are aware that player sync is broken and will be back online in the coming days but here’s my ally code 911-584-419 I can guarantee 600 tickets daily looking at for a guild that requires 600 daily willing to build inquisitors up as my long term goal is executor and Jabba or leia not sure which gl
233M Sithhappens4us looking for active members ROTE7* DS geo17* 36M box on endor looking for active players 2M+

Sithhappens4us is a fun guild with great communication. We are running DS geo TB 16* and ROTE 7* on LS. If you are looking for wat shards running these two TBs will be great for you. We also run endor raid 36M. We are a competitive guild who knows how to have fun and understands life comes first. DM me if interested bonus points if you have a good geo team. Discord is required for communication.


Beskar Strike Force is looking for active players to join in exploring the galaxy and growing together 
●Lvl 85
●2M GP+ (if you have Wat ready geos and are of a lower GP we may let you in assuming you meet all other requirements)
●Participation in all guild activities 
●400 tickets per day minimum
●Discord is mandatory  
●Any more than 2 days of unannounced inactivity and you will be kicked 

●170M Guild GP
●39* LS Hoth
●29* DS Hoth (not running)
●15* DS Geo (18 Wat shards)
●3rd Crate Speeder Bike 

2 Reys 
1 Jabba
2 Executor 

And many more to come 
If interested join our discord server linked below and you will be greeted by myself or one of our other friendly members, or of you have any questions DM me
Hi looking for a guild to help progress threw game just started yesterday and bought hyperdrive bundle
Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/UwVQXJ0VSHWxx13T34PM7A/

DeathPunchRebels is an independent guild with committed officers and daily players.  We consider ourselves to be a blend of competitive and casual, with an emphasis on fun, positivity, and helping each other grow.

__**What We Want in a Recruit:**__
- Kyber in GAC (Aurodium if other metrics are good)
- Decent mods, 7m+ GP
- 2m+ in Speeder Bike
- Ready to pivot to Naboo raid
- Active and hungry to keep improving
- Fun and friendly

__**The Facts:**__
- 490M GP
- RoE TB - 30 stars; ~20 Reva
- Relaxed TW
- Speeder Bike 208m box
- ~25k Tickets per day
- Active and organized Discord
- Custom emojis!

1).  IRL comes first, just let us know
2).  Have fun!
3).  Daily login is expected most days

PM me or jump on our server for more info!

LEE is recruiting! 510M+ GP Guild - SpeederBike 424M box - RotE 36 ⭐️, 35 Reva Shards, Zeffo, 2300 GET2 SM - 90%+ TW win. Daily participation in guild events and Discord required. Be part of the Eternal Empire and our great Discord community!

Legion of the Eternal Empire (LEE)
- 510M+ GP - 18:30 PST / 21:30 EST / 02:30 GMT Guild Reset - We Use HotUtils/HotBot for tracking tickets, guild event participation, and reminders. - We have dedicated Discord channels for TB, TW, SBR, and Bots for members to use.

REQUIREMENTS: - 9.0M+ GP - 5 GLs - Good Mods/Mod Score. - 2 of Executor, Profundity and Leviathan - 7M+ raid score - 4 TW omicron - 600 Tickets Daily minimum (prefer 600) - Active Discord Use (mandatory for guild events) - Synced and Public swgoh.gg account - Active Daily in ALL Guild Events - Willing to work to achieve conquest box 4 - Guided Farming if you fall behind guild objectives

Territory Battles/Territory Wars: - RotE: 36 ⭐️, 38 Reva Shards , 2300 GET2 - We are on Zeffo - We UseEchoBot for Platoon Assignments. - TW: 90%+ Win Record. Adaptive strategy depending on our opponent and team readiness.

RAIDS: - We are doing the Speeder Bike raid and are getting 440M+ score

HOW TO JOIN US: - Please come to our Discord server and an officer will help you! We want EVERYONE to succeed and are constantly looking to improve on what we are doing to help all within our collective of 7 independently run guilds. We are an established guild with active players who are looking for like-minded, common-sense individuals to join us for the growth and benefit of all! - DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/S4j4ceuYDH - SWGOH GG: https://swgoh.gg/g/nZu5aA50TVusQFfMqjYNEA/

ETERNAL KAPPAS!!! 480M+ Guild Friendly and Helpful Guild - Looking for New Members - RotE 33⭐️ 32+ Reva Shard (37 Reva Ready) Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Σternal Kappa

GUILD INFO:<br> https://swgoh.gg/g/SfnB9bQET4ufnBRZwbJkpQ/

Relaxed group of active and social members! Looking for positive vibes as we continue to grow!

The Eternal Empire is a family of 7 independently run guilds and home to 400 players. We support all level of players from beginners to experienced, end-game all-heroic competitors. Guild GPs range from 325M - 550M+. All active & dedicated players are welcome! We understand that life happens & take that into consideration. We share one Discord server where we have the tools, bots, resources & seasoned advice to help guide you as you progress. Our motto is: “We build together, we grow TOGETHER!”.

49/50 Members, 450M+ GP

1:30 UTC / 20:30 EST / 17:30 PST Guild Reset


  • 9M+ GP, exceptions can be made for the right focused roster

  • 500 Tickets Daily

  • Active Discord Use

  • Active in ALL Guild Events


33 ⭐️ Rise of the Empire TB & 32+ Reva Shard (37 Reva Ready)

We Use EchoBot for Platoon Assignments


7-3 Record in last 10 matches We have a dedicated Discord channel for TW Adaptive strategy depending on our opponent & team readiness

RAIDS: Endor Speeder Bike Event (208M Crate)

Discord: https://discord.gg/RrKJyy42cD


HOW TO JOIN US: Please come to our Discord server & an Officer will help you! We want EVERYONE to succeed & are constantly looking to improve on what we're doing to help all within our collective of :eight: independently run guilds. We are an established guild with active players who are looking for like-minded, common-sense individuals to join us for the growth & benefit of all!

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/hC_WtCOZQ760AoDtJyO-ZA/

The Last Spark is a friendly guild with members from the far reaches of the outer rim but mainly based in the USA. We all share a love for Star Wars and are looking for active players to join our fun, vibrant and passionate community. 
We have a guild GP of 360M GP and an average player GP of 7.3M. 

1 spot available

What The Last Spark can offer you:
A supportive environment to grow your roster with channels for journey guide events, team building assistance and feedback from players with more developed rosters
A friendly active discord channel

Exclusively Endor: 108M box. (4th raid box)

LS Geo 15 stars, 3 KAM shards with 21 attempts. Shards should improve with improving experience and strategies.
RotE: 18 stars. 5 Reva shards. Allocation of one unit to R5 for the operations is suggested by the officers but it can be discussed to come to a mutual agreement. Current RotE plan to start earning more Reva shards in the next few RotE runs.
Also advised to invest in Reva ready Inquisitors.

Very active TW focus with a high win rate (>80%) but no forced farms for TW
currently at 85% win rate for 2024

What we are looking for:
7M+ GP with at least 1 GL/GL ship
Active player, inactive > 7 d without notice will be kicked
Commitment to 500+ tickets frequently
Active involvement in TW and TB
Willing to help with RotE operation upgrades
Either have or be willing to work on Reva ready Inquisitors, KAM ready clones or Zeffo mission ready units.

Come for the gear, stay for the memes!
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/I1BAT7X8Se2cVEfQrLyayA/

## __THE SENATE ΞForestsOfEndorΞ__
565M Guild GP
**Forests of Endor is a competitive guild pushing end-game content!**
We are dedicated to making smart decisions on guild priorities to ensure maximum rewards while staying f2p friendly. As a proud member of THE SENATE Alliance, FoE is part of a great community with information sharing between 20+ guilds. Our culture has led to incredible success and growth. We are looking for a long-term member invested in dominating with the guild! 

* TW - 80% win rate, highly organized, no streaming/reporting required, regularly in the top 20 TW guilds for defeated GP 
* RotE - 38 ⭐️, Zeffo unlocked, Mandalore unlocked, additional GET2/3 from SM’s
* Raid - 424M reward in SBP, switching focus to upcoming Naboo raid 

**__Why you should join__:**
* Very organised and stable guild
* Understand life comes first
* Detailed guides for Datacrons/Modding/PvP Counters
* No dead weight, every player actively contributes to the success of the guild 
* Utilize HotUtils for TW/TB/Raid/Tickets 

**__What we are looking for__:**
* Competitive and engaged 
* >10.5M GP 
* Mod score >5.5 
* 600 tickets daily 
* All GL’s, Fleets, and conquest characters 
* Ready for Jar Jar event in August
* Willing to apply guild required TW omicrons 
* Participate in TW/TB/Conquest and farm Datacrons 

**Send me a DM (jabba1)
Or ask for __Forests Of Endor__ in THE SENATE Server: https://discord.gg/thesenate **

Hey I’m Level 54 and would love to do some raids and join an active guild
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/Bed_o2FPQtSxz9RLtW10wA/
## Guild Walking Carpets
GWC is a group full of semi-casual players, where life comes first. We are competitive and serious in all guild activities, but laid back with rules and requirements. Our guild seeks to help one another in any way we can, and progress as a guild.  Great core group of members, with many years together (some nearing 7 years now). Looking to replace a retiring account after TB ends.
### About Us
* 514 million GP
* 424 million reward tier in SBR
* 33 Stars in RoTE (pushing for 34-36 this TB depending on performance)
 * 25 ± 5 Reva shards
 * First Zeffo unlock this TB!
* TW recently revamped. 10-4 in our last 14 matchups. 103-66 overall
### About you
* Minimum 6 GLs
* Minimum 9.5 million GP
* 500 daily raid tickets minimum 
* Cere/JKCK Zeffo ready
* Prefer current farming of Gungans 
* Prefer engagement in Conquest (new toons within 6 months of release, DC farming)
If you’re interested please feel free to hit us up on Discord at this link: https://discord.gg/mMKn58f
Hello. Looking for a guild.
I’m an experienced player with 11mil go who recently started an alt account following AhnaldT101 farming guide.
Active daily.
'Crimson Finger' now recruring Hi all. I just started a guild dedicated to busy people who are active with the game but can't make a big commitment, that would still like the benifets from being in a guild. Daily activity appreciated but by no means mandatory. Account of all sizes welcome.
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/ASjL4zhAQ9q4xLcfBzhp8A/

"Everything Leading Up To This Moment Has Been Rehearsal. The Real Performance Is About To Begin."

SpawnsofThrawn is an up and coming guild in the Lazy Chiss Warriors Alliance. Our aim is to take the holotables by storm, and our target is Geonosis first, then the rest of the Galaxy! 

We currently DS Geonosis TB and ROTE. With a wealth of knowledge, our leadership is looking to guide the guild towards maximizing rewards and Wat shards, through mods workshops and streaming special mission runs, to bring in as many shards as we are capable of. We currently average 35+ wat shards and recently hit 30 stars in DS Geo.

In ROTE, we hit 18 stars in our first attempt, with plans to hit 20+ moving forward.

Our approach to Territory Wars:
"To Defeat An Enemy, You Must Know Them. Not Simply Their Battle Tactics, But Their History, Philosophy, Art."
We currently boast a 72-10 TW record, using strong defensive strategies and sound offensive tactics. We have yet to truly find a defense that can stop our onslaught!

We have the Endor Speeder Bike raid on farm, currently hitting around 135mil each time, but that number rises with each attempt. Our goal is to maximize those scores and continue to bring in better and better rewards.

If you want to be part of the army, and live the Chiss lifestyle, join the LCW discord server. MTFBWY!

• Discord
• 500 tickets daily
• TB participation
• TW optional, but must participate if joined
• 4.5mil GP minimum (exceptions can be made based on roster)


589m Guild Seeks 2 Members!

589m Guild Seeks 2!

Dark Schwartz Legion is looking for 2 recruits to join post TB! Join our competitive guild without being micromanaged with forced farms, mandatory omicrons, mandatory datacrons, or forced remods for TW.

Current guild stats: - 589m GP - 39 TB stars - Zeffo unlocked - 11-2 TW record (last 3 months)

What we look for: - 11m+ GP - All GLs - Lev, Prof, & Exec at 7 stars - Zeffo SM-ready - Actively working on Bo and/or Gungans

Embrace the Schwartz, Join the Legion

Discord: https://discord.gg/WdjgtT7K

SWGOH: https://swgoh.gg/g/2tmKV3SpTXCtpPPiIufK4g/

ETERNAL EMPIRE FORCE 480M+ GP ROTE Ran US/EU Guild with US/UK friendly times - Looking for a new Member - 9.5mil GP/4 GLs - RotE TB - 33⭐️, 29 Reva shards and climbing. Semi-Competitive Guild. Great for players wanting to take a step back.


ABOUT US-We're a competitive guild who understands real-life happens. As a guild our focus is ROTE and a sub-focus in TW. We run the raid on loop (every 6 days) but as of now we just ask you hit 30-50% of your potential best. For Example, Me- My potential is 6.4M I hit everything on Auto and get 5.1M. If your potential best is 5M then hit 3M and call it a day.. Real-life can happen so we rather have your focus on ROTE which only runs 2x/month. TW is a mandatory sign-up, however YOU CHOOSE OFFENSE OR DEFENSE, or both if you're feeling froggy. All we ask is that you use your roster. CANNOT HAVE DUDZ.

**ROTE:** 33 Stars 29 Reva Shards (Prepping for Zeffo)---
**TW: ** 70% win rate---(Really it's 69 *winks*
208M box Speed Bike Raid

450 Daily ticket minimum

Guild Reset: 20:30 EST

Discord: https://discord.gg/nhNFQptEmC Say you're there for EEF!

The Eternal Empire Force - SWGOH.GG

We are Rebel Rousers Redeemed! We are a brand new guild looking for some brand new players! We have some connections as well to guilds in higher positions for those who are looking to work towards being more competitive. If interested please DM me and I will get you in.
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/-_DZmP9GTMe--E07gukRLw/

Come and be a Territory War Annihilation Tactician! Leading guild in the TWAT alliance

If you want a guild that excels in all aspects of the game then consider us. We are one of the best all around guilds in the world! 

Our stats:
~547 mil GP 
~38* ROTE, 39* this tb
~ Zeffo maxed
~ Mandalore maxed

-40+ Reva with streaming available.
424 SBR Box
93% Win rate in TW with full participation always expected. 157-12 overall.  Always 50/50 NEVER SANDBAG. Multiple wins against larger opponents.
Actively preparing for the new Raid

What we look for:
-At least 10 mil GP, 8 GLs, 5.0 mod score, at least 40 +25 speed mods.
Multiple fleet meta teams
PVP passionate with active participation in TW.
Active Datacron and Omicron engagement.
Focused on developing rosters for new PVE/PVP content.
Active in Conquest with multiple refreshes per day strongly encouraged.

Stop on by if you want Dis0rder in your life.

House Mand'alor! 270M+ GP Guild - Recruiting - RotE - 11*, DS GEO - 27* (35+ Wat Shards), 36m Endor Score - Competitive in TW - Great Leadership, Active Discord and Social Members - See Post for More Information

House Mand'alor - https://recruit.swgoh.gg/guild/2675/house-mand-alore

Discord - https://discord.gg/9UT7au43Jt

About this guild Our Approach We are a social, semi-competitive guild looking for dedicated players to fill our ranks! Our officers work to help us achieve the best results in guild events and while we give our all on the battlefield, we always remember to have fun and acknowledge real-life commitments take precedence.

Guild Highlights DSG : 27⭐️ & 35+ WAT

ROTE: 11⭐️

TW: 70% win rate

SBP: 36M crate

Guild Reset: 04:30 AM UTC (09:30 PM MST)

Guild Requirements 4,000,000 min. GP

Min. 0 HotUtils Mod Score

Min. 1 GLs

Min. 0 Ship GLs

What else we're looking for:

Discord Mandatory

TB: Mandatory - Full deployment & platoons. CM attempts are encouraged.

TW: Mandatory

Tickets: 450 daily - Monitoring and reminders via Hotbot.

Be active, participate and have fun! We understand real life comes first, so let us know if you will be away.

Join discord and inquire within or message an officer if you are interested in joining House Mand'alor!

Sigma Alliance Mandalorians is recruiting! 575M GP, 39⭐ RotE, 539M SBR, Zeffo & Mandalore Unlocked!

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/Iz6yUJtEQ-KS9yJyA_X4KA/

Sigma Alliance Mandalorians is a hardcore 575M+ GP guild and a proud member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE; which has over 15 guilds all working together to form an incredible community! Our guild is also proud to be hosting the legendary youtuber PhatPhil and his followers can be found all over the alliance. All hail the Wampa! This is the way!

WHAT WE OFFER: - 39 ⭐️ RotE TB with Zeffo and Mandalore unlocked - Speeder Bike Raid 539M - Competitive record in TW - 47 Reva Shards - Organized leadership and helpful coaching


Minimum Activity: - Place all assigned units into platoons within the first 8 hours for each phase of TB - Complete 70+ combat waves and Reva, Bracca & Tatooine SM (if possible) in each TB - Joining TW is encouraged, not mandatory; Place defenses according to orders; 2 attacks in the first 6 hours; 5 attacks total - Earn 6M+ score in each SBR with the ability to push for 90% of WookieBot's projected score - Earn 600 tickets daily - Communicate with officers about any upcoming absences or time constraints that would affect your ability to complete the above activity requirements

Ideal Roster: - 10.5M+ GP - 4.0+ mod rating - Ready for Reva, Bracca & Tatooine SM (GI, JKCK, BKM) - Ready to gear for 2 other SMs in TB (Clones, Saw, Merrin, Qi'ra, YOLO, Reva, L3-37, ect.) - Ready to gear Naboo Raid characters - All GLs and 2+ 7* GL ships (Executor, Profundity, or Leviathan) - Have all but 3 of the Conquest toons - Maintain 10, 6, and 2 Datacrons of levels 3, 6, and 9, respectively. Similar combinations are fine - Maintain 3300+ rating in GAC - 5 TW omicron - Discord and swgoh.gg profile required

*To get started, join us at: https://discord.gg/V33Kfaj *

Type "!lfg" when you enter and follow the instructions that appear. Our examiners will be with you.

(She couldn’t figure out how to access this channel so I sent a message for her)
SWGOH Events
Returning player with brand new account looking for casual, relaxed guild.
The Bantha Raiders, 156M



We are one guild out of a 4-guild alliance and we strive to have an incredible sense of community within our Discord! We aim to all feel like one big family and put a solid community as a priority alongside a strong guild. Our experienced officers thoroughly plan and send out instructions for TB and TW for the best results. On top of this, the alliance Discord and officers serve as a collective hub of experience and advice for all players to help improve their rosters!




  • 156 million GP
  • 36 million crate for Endor raid
  • LS Hoth: 41⭐️
  • DS Geo: 17⭐️21 Wat shards
  • TW: 32-4


  • Level 85
  • 2.5 million GP (No LSBs with little to no effort put into developing the account further/working on key LSB toons or teams)
  • A focused roster, with several well-developed and synergized teams (some of which are already at or actively being built towards relics)
  • Clearly aiming towards either a GL, a GL capital ship, or a high-level Journey Guide toon (Starkiller, GAS, JKL, Malak, etc.)
  • Working on G12 Geos for Wat/TW
  • Willing to invest in TW Omicrons for the guild (oPoggle, oHera with Captain Rex, oMara, etc.)
  • A healthy understanding of mods, actively working on improving your roster's mods
  • Consistently reading and following TB/TW instructions
  • 400+ tickets daily / Full participation and contribution in all Guild Events
  • You will eventually be kicked if a lack of participation is consistent and you do not let us know ahead of time

If you're interested in this smaller GP and requirement guild, come join our Discord! You can also join if you're interested in our smallest guild for new, Level 65+ players, The Bantha Knights--or if you're interested in one of our two bigger guilds, The Bantha Padawans or The Bantha Galaxy!

You can also send me a DM to ask any questions! 💪


New Guild for New and Returning Players
Failed Rehab has a spot open and we want you! If you’re ready to up your game and grind some endgame content come party with us! International guild with members from across the globe. 

- Us -
540+ mil GP when 50/50
36 ⭐️ RoTE and 45+ Reva shards, on pace to unlock Zeffo within next two TBs!
85% TW win rate
424 mil Speeder Bike raid box
Active and helpful discord
TB and raids mandatory, TW optional but both defense and offense if you join

- You -
9+ mil GP with exceptions made
6+ GLs with 2 GL cap ships
JKCK is a big bonus
600 tix a day
Good mods
Good attitude
Attempting red box in conquest
Decent datacrons
Discord mandatory

Shoot me a message if you’re looking to up your game!


,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/I1Gz3WbrTwyf_dp9I9H7VA/

Extraordinary Heroes

Extraordinary Heroes is a U.S. based, fast growing, English speaking guild made up of members who participate with maximum effort in all events. We can have room for a member and you can join right now or after the tb.

-320 Million+ GP when full

-RotE: 21 Stars, double RotE

-Currently doing Speeder Bike Raid (144m Chest!!!)

-141 GLs/GL Ships

-TW Record: 67-30

-Average Skill Rating: 2709

-unlimited knowledge and quick updates on the latest tricks to achieve maximum progress on events.

Requirements to join: (any amount of these can be overlooked if you excel in certain other requirements)

≈600 Raid Tickets daily

-Willing to relic a few units for ROTE Operations

-6 Million GP Minimum

-At Least 1 GL

-Omega Mod Score 3 or greater

-Use Discord (mandatory)

-Active Participation in all Guild PvE game modes

Click on the server link if you’re interested in joining and can meet a majority of the requirements.

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/tSa6lq-6RUGL82Rhaq0YIw/

SYN Hand of Judgement specifics:
TW Not mandatory to join, if joined required to participate.
Speed Bike raid, about 208 mil Damage
TB Focused Guild

10 mil GP minimum willing for lower GP depending on roster review
Daily 600
Follow all orders given during TB
Mandatory to participate if joining TW and follow orders
Requied to participate in raids (Speed bike raid)
Discord activity when tagged
Three strike system for removal
4 GL required + 1-2 GL Ships (2 LS preferred)
Exec, Profundity, or Levi
Have or be working on Inquisitors/Endor Teams (3.5 Mil needed)
500 Million GP

ROTE 32 Stars, 33 Reva shards!
Guild Reset 9:30pm EST
Endor Bike Raid: 250 Mil. Required to participate with  3.5 Mil minimum!

We are a semi-serious guild that is focused mainly on TB.

We do require discord and that you respond in a timely manner when tagged or messaged by an officer. 
SG Force 300m

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/EG9tKtrHQAms3n2S2qo_TQ/

SG Force is recruiting

We are looking for members who meet the following criteria:

• 5M Galactic Power • 2 Galactic Legend or Focused Roster • Discord is mandatory • 600 tickets

About us

300M gp Independent guild.

TB is mandatory. ROTE Full time: 15☆ FIlling operations for more soon.

TW is optional but we expect people to contribute if they sign up.
.700 W/L

Currently Running SBP - 36m crate, just a few accounts short of the 108m.

If you would like to join us then please join our discord server.


The Last Spark is recruiting - 360M GP guild - 1 spot available - Speeder bike raid - TW win rate >80% - RotE 18 stars - details in comment
Join us: Inquisitors Order  - Open to ALL! for Newbies & Pros! Have FUN & Earn REWARDS! Proud member of the GALACTIC EMPIRE ALLIANCE. (10 guilds)
SWGOH Events
Hi Together 

Looking for a guild that would accept a beginner, already have experience with the game but have started a new account.

Would appreciate any interest.
Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/I1Gz3WbrTwyf_dp9I9H7VA/

**Extraordinary Heroes**

Extraordinary Heroes is a U.S. based, fast growing, English speaking guild made up of members who participate with maximum effort in all events. We can have room for 2 members and you can join right now or after the TB

-318 Million+ GP when full

-RotE: **18** Stars, double RotE
-Currently doing Speeder Bike Raid (144 Mil)

-**159 GLs/GL Ships** 

-TW Record: **70-31**, 32 Win Streak

-Average Skill Rating: 2780

-unlimited knowledge and quick updates on the latest tricks to achieve maximum progress on events. 

**Requirements** to join: (any amount of these can be overlooked if you excel in certain other requirements) 

≈600 Raid Tickets daily 

-Willing to relic a few units for ROTE Operations

-6 Million GP **Minimum**

-At Least 1 GL

-Omega Score **3** or greater 

-45+ Relic’d Toons

-Use Discord (mandatory) 

-Active Participation in all Guild PvE ame modes

Contact (kaze#3784) on discord or **click on the server link** if you’re interested in joining and can meet a majority of the requirements. 

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/jNGRR1FrQNy-HThwe3FdAQ/ 

Liquid Schwartz, 515m GP Guild 
We had a player retire and are looking for a replacement. 

⭐ Looking for in a player:
--MOST IMPORTANT: Looking to Build on ROTE TB and Speeder Raids
--Have or working on JKCK/Cere for Zeffo
--Be active in Guild events without constant reminders.
--Discord for main communication and other interesting and helpful conversations
--4 GLs and at least 8m GP
--Have Executor, Profundity, or Leviathan is preferred

⭐ Expect from us as a Guild:
--515m GP guild and growing
--No forced-required farms, but we may ask for volunteers to fill gaps for events, TB Platoons, or others
--Most Importantly a sense of humor.
--Time is US based, but others are welcomed if they can deal with it
--ROTE 36 ⭐. Must complete minimum CM Attempts and Deploy each Phase.
--TW not required, but highly encouraged. Current record 104-60
--Speeder Raid gets 208m prize crate
--Guild reset 7:30pm EST

We have an active Guild/Alliance with several channels of resources and chats in discord. We’re looking for players who are on the competitive side of casual, while enjoying the game, ready to learn and maybe provide help to the guildmates.

DM if interested or join us on discord https://invite.gg/gid
Hot Utils
**___SIGMA ALLIANCE___**  is a  16 Guild Alliance. 

**___SIGMA ALLIANCE ALPHA___  ** is a proud member of  THE SIGMA ALLIANCE and a top 10 TB guild. We are a competitive international guild looking for **Highly focused  TW/TB ready players.**

With unmatched leadership, planning and strategic analysis. All the resources of a 700 person Alliance available to get the most out of our rosters.

***__WHAT WE OFFER:__***
**•** **43 ⭐️  ROTE TB • 48+ Reva Shards.**
**•** Competitive record in TW.
**•** 665 m crate Speeder Bike Raid - On farm.
**•** Dedicated, helpful & organized leadership.
**•** Help with TB teams and coaching available.
**•** Zeffo and Mandalore on farm

**•** ROTE TB oriented along with competitive TW.
**•** Consistent participation in all Guild events. 
**•** At least 11mil GP 
**•** Willingness to apply essential TW omis.
**• **Active on Discord 
**•** A commitment to prioritize the new raid, once CG releases the details
Hot Utils
> Total GP:          512M+
> Territory Battles: RoE TB - 33 stars
> Raids:             Endor - every 5/6 days
                     208+M reward crate
> Ticket Reset:      18:30 UTC
> 4+ GLs
> 2+ GL Ship
> 10M+ GP
> Achieve 3M on Endor Raid
> Involvement in TBs/TWs
> Communicate well (as we know that sometimes life gets in the way)
Hop on our discord and you will be automatically put into our recruitment channel where you can post your SWGOH.GG page.

Hello! Looking for a guild. I’m an experienced player just starting a second account FTP following Anhalds new FTP guide! Please looking for an active guild to help me progress faster!

# Australian Commandos F (Foxtrot)
**145M  |  TB Focussed  |  Semi Competitive**

**Guild stats:**
- **LS Hoth** 33 star / 30 ROLO
- **DS Geo** 11 star / 20 WAT
- **SBR** 28M
- **TW** 51/30

**Guild rules:**
- Level 85 to join, exceptions for focussed rosters
- Daily activity, minimum 400 tix
- Territory Battles participation mandatory
- Territory Wars optional
- Discord required

We have about 500 members across our 7 guilds and a fairly active discord. Our members are from all over and range from day one 12M+ accounts to brand new players.

Current guild focus:
- Geos - GBA R3 and the rest G12+
- Hoth Rebel Soldier 5 stars
- CLS - G12+

Check us out or request to join ingame and on discord:


The Alternates SWGOH School is a member of a 13 guild alliance, Guardians of the Whills. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with several tools to help you grow. 

Looking for developing players who want a well run but real life accepting guild.  Emphasis will be placed on individuals having fun with their GAC first then Guild Goals toward TW and TB next. Experienced players formed this guild for their alternates and new developing players will have the opportunity to jump up to one of the main guilds as opportunity arises.

Minimum 2.5mil GP. 7 days no log-in makes you Boot eligible. TW and TB participation is required 

Current GP: 216,391,025

We run the Speeder Bike raid and get prize box 3, and we will likely do the new Naboo raid when its released. Start times are tailored to maximum participation 

We run DS Geo and RotE and ask that new guildmates either have Inquisitors or start working out how to fit them into your farming plan

Territory Battles Stats:
RotE: 10 stars, 0 Reva
DS Geo: 19 Stars, 27 Wat

Discord required.

Join the ASS server to ask us more
SWGOH Events
Hi I’m new and I accidentally left my starter guild now I’m locked out of objectives can anyone help?
In search of a guild now that I have it unlocked, will do my best to play daily. I will be following the 2024 guide mainly that Ahanld recently put out for my alt account.


Guild Found.
Still looking for a guide!
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/GGf0KMX7SLyr8HyuY1oAKQ/


1 opening.  Experienced players helping out a new generation of future competitive players!


-300m + GUILD GP
-ROTE TB - 19 stars
-76 GLs
-SBP RAID  125.6m rewards
-Guild Reset: 10:30 AM EST


-LEVEL 85, 1 GL (or close to unlock)
-3.5 m GP REQ. (exceptions based on roster)

We look forward to supporting you when you join our guild family!

GUILD SERVER:  https://discord.gg/E5ZDZJckpn

⚜️  Fried Mon Calamari ⚜️

----> Do you love alliances?...........we do not
----> Do you love forced farms?.......these are not the droids your looking for
----> Do you love to do TW with half a guild afk?....keep on walking
----> Big fan of drama and lack of star wars fandom?....not us
----> If you answered no to the questions above...say yes to a chat in discord

----> 507 mil GP looking for 1 players 8 mil min
----> Very active guild

----> 8 mil+ gp decent roster progress with good goals
----> Discord
----> All raids 24hr join FFA
----> Speeder raid

Guild Events
* TB: RotE 32⭐ over 20 shards per run
* TW : Good WR
Hi guys, if you’re still looking for a guild, we might be a perfect match! Here is our description:

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/dOuedhgTSBS5_lBliHi3XQ/

Extremely active and organised guild looking for players!! We have a few spots open right now for the right people.

• 345 MIL GP
• 112-39 75% all time TW record with 85% over the last 3 months
• 144m box on endor raid
• 120 Galactic Legends 
• 41 Executors / 4 Profundity / 5 leviathans 
• DS GEO 31 stars > 40+ WAT shards < RETIRED
• ROTE 23 stars 
-> Switched to full time ROTE now. A couple of people already working on GI or having one. Currently getting **15**Reva Shards with many more to come!
• Active across a well organised discord with experienced members and guild leaders
• TW & TB organised via HotUtils

• Active players in all events with the ability to follow instructions sent via Discord
• in the best case KAM and preferably Tie Interceptor or Scythe for ROTE Platoons
• Reva ready Inqs or willing to farm them up.
• A GL/Executor/Profundity or actively farming one
• Road map of what you want to do with mods to back it up
• 4.5+ million galactic power
• Discord use is mandatory 

We will give you all the help you need to expand your roster.

DM either myself,  @ Eureka#5793, or Theo No.1#2427 on discord if interested.
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Ja Ja Wick · SWGOH.GG
Check out Ja Ja Wick Roster and accomplishments on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
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Hello everyone! I want to switch guilds after tb.
I am looking for a very competitve guild willing to take a experienced lvl.68 alt acc. I am farming JKR and JKCK after and look forward to profundity or executor after that. I have experience as a officer, get 600 tickets daily, can help with my experience and do what the orders are. Willing to farm TW teams and Omicrons aswell. https://swgoh.gg/p/839477614/
Recruiting for our newest Darksaber Alliance starter guild:

DSA Starting Point


- 40+ spots open (open to join, no min lvl)
- Currently farming to unlock next heroic Raid
- Unlocked Raids so far: T6 Pit, HPit, T6 Tank
- Territory Battles:  10*s LSH / 13*s DSH
- 30 day inactive kick unless officer notified
- Advancement opportunities available once you reach certain milestones in the game. 
- Discord Optional (Advancement requires discord access)

Darksaber Alliance Recruiting
- New Day-1 Members thru 1st-Day Veterans welcomed
- All gameplay levels & styles accepted
- 20+ guilds all independently ran
- No feeder guilds
- Play to your level to progress. Then you can CHOOSE when you want to try for a more challenging guild to help you progress more (new guild requirements must be met)
- 40+ event guide channels with live feedback
- 20+ social channels
- 10 Discord Bot Assistants

Guilds: https://recruit.swgoh.gg/alliance/360/darksaber-alliance-dsa

Recruiting Server: https://discord.gg/xApshjJFy4
The Forgotten Krayt

A great group to grow with!

A casual but competitive guild, lots of heavy hitters who love TW and enjoy everything Star Wars…except sequels, those suck! 

Many highly knowledgeable and friendly members that are active and willing to help you build your roster in the best way possible to meet yours and the guilds goals, setting up for success!

Only have one loss in TW on our record (guild is a few months old) and most of the wars are extremely one sided in our favor.

Until recently we were doing ROTE until we had a member move guilds, we were getting 10*, but potential for many more. Also focusing on DS Geo TB for Wat shards, averaging 25 shards.

TW record (at time of post) 

8 wins - 1 loss
(Top defensive and offensive players are recognized and are given fun titles along the way!)

TB record (at time of post)

DS Geo 18* 26 Wat shards
ROTE 10* no Reva yet, still building 

4mil gp
1 GL
1.25 mod score 
TW ready squads with omicron and mods

Come join us and be a part of the Grand Krayt Army and destroy our opponents! 

Discord is not required, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as that’s where we communicate with everyone.

SWGOH Events
Active streaming player just shoppin around, in a click guild and never really "fit in"
Im a great recruiter too!     
Guild Name: THE SENATE ΞIlumΞ

Ilum, is full of committed members who strive to do their best and bring victory to our frosty planet.

We have an amazing leadership team with an abundance of experience:

Join the force, join the family, join us in beating unthinkable challenges!

Guild Stats and information:
Guild GP: 480M
TW: 80%+ Record
RotE TB: 30 ⭐ (2x a month)
Reva Shards: 45
Endor Raid: 208 mil crate

Active in all game modes
At least 5 GL and 2 cap ships
4+ mod score
Reva ready Inquisitors
JKCK ready for Zeffo
9.5 mil GP
600 tickets weekly average
Discord and swgoh.gg account
Friendly and respectful


hi i am a new player, i been active for the past 2 months or so. I am looking for a guild for new players and one where i can contribute daily.
guild found
SWGOH Events
Heyo, looking for a relatively chill guild to join sat on 2M GP : )
Hi, I’ve just started the game and I’m looking for a guild suitable for new players. I’ll be active and willing to farm characters that the guild requires.
Returning player my old account got deleted, thanks CG! I am a new hyperdrive account currently pushing for executor. I am very active and will participate in any event i can.

,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/dH559qVUS3KF-bulOW3u6Q/

Waffle Mutiny are looking for new recruits to replace retirements and available openings.

What we can offer you;
Global guild, with a fantastic family-like community. 
41* ROTE
47 Reva Shards 
Max crate speeder bike raid. 
TW focused and an extensive TW history to go with this.

What we ask of you:
active & contributing player
11m+ GP
8 GLs
Meta Fleets
Reva Ready 
Endor ready teams and scoring 16m+
Solid sets of the current datacrons. 
TW omicrons and the willingness to apply any you may be missing.

Discord IS mandatory 
If you feel you’d be a good fit, drop me a DM with your .gg profile and any questions you may have!

Discord IS mandatory 
Discord contact:
Looking for Guilds that are recruiting new players SWGOH.GG

SWGOH Events
Looking for a guild in 470M to 500M Gp. Bonus doing R8 Gungans and R9 Jar Jar  https://swgoh.gg/p/369737939/
Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/lHfa4jAOQouMlTzpJ3iJEA/

**Banes Academy** - 305M 

We have an open spot right now.

In Banes Academy, our goal is to participate in the highest levels of content possible and continue to grow with our players. Our Discord server is very active with game advice, memes and great conversation. Though not required, we do prefer our members to join for in-game notifications. We expect everyone to be friendly, and have a helpful and chatty group of officers and veteran players.

As the guild has grown over the years, our aim is to keep active players and replace those who do not meet the minimum required engagement. But one of our core beliefs is **life always comes before the game**, we understand that things may come up and with open communication we can make exceptions.

With the new gift system, we now do monthly, random gifting campaign sponsored by the guild officers to players in the guild with perfect participation in territory wars, territory battles and raid.

**Preferred over 3M GP**  

Requirements for all members: 
- 3-day inactivity limit 
- Commitment to group game modes
- Join, place defense and attack in territory wars
- Full deployment in territory battles
- Raid participation with an emphasis on improving scores

About us:  
- 16+ stars in Rise of the Empire for both cycles
- Currently 4 Reva shards, more working towards it! 
- 60M+ Speeder Bike raid

Message me for more info or if you would like to join.
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/-_DZmP9GTMe--E07gukRLw/

Come and be a Territory War Annihilation Tactician! Leading guild in the TWAT alliance

If you want a guild that excels in all aspects of the game then consider us. We are one of the best all around guilds in the world! 

Our stats:
~523 mil GP 
~38* ROTE
~ Zeffo maxed

-40+ Reva with streaming available.
424 SBR Box
95% Win rate in TW with full participation always expected. Always 50/50 NEVER SANDBAG. Multiple wins against larger opponents.
Actively preparing for the new Raid

What we look for:
-At least 9 mil GP, 6 GLs, 4.0 mod score, at least 40 +25 speed mods.
Multiple fleet meta teams
PVP passionate with active participation in TW.
Active Datacron and Omicron engagement.
Focused on developing rosters for new PVE/PVP content.
Active in Conquest with multiple refreshes per day strongly encouraged.

Stop on by if you want Dis0rder in your life.

Experienced player who started a f2p acc lvl 68 currently looking for a guild that do tons of raids, tb, tw.  I will bring in **600 Tickets everyday**    DM ME
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Looking for an active guild, i stopped playing so i will need to grasp the changes and metas, here is my account


Found a guild, thanks
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Hi all. Looking for a guild for my alt (started less than 24 hrs ago). 25k GP and working on the usual starting teams but will rapidly grow and should be able to get you the 600 daily tickets
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Looking for a temporary guild (2-3 weeks):
Asking for high Endor Raid score. At least 424M

Me: 12M account (17M Endor score)
Hot Utils
,gg https://swgoh.gg/g/Od-UoVH3ScG3-K_ICntAoA/

SE: Galactic Shores are currently looking to fill a few spaces in all our guild. We are a friendly, dedicated team making strong personal progress in each guild.

Our Recruitment Server: https://discord.gg/kNT9jgepSX

About Us:
349m GP
Endor: 144m Box
ROTE: 24/54 reached
Reva Shards: 4

4.5m+ GP
600/600 Tickets
100% Participation in TB, TW and Raid
1 GL or a well developed roster ideally towards ROTE
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hi there swgoh players, wanting an active guild to help me get some mk tokens to progress my account, will be active daily. currently level 56 wokring on pheonix and empire toons. Looking forward to some awesome guilds
Check me out , I’m looking for a better guild that does raids constantly 

(GUILD FOUND) Hello, I’m a very new player so unfortunately i’m not super powerful i have around 150k GP and around level 65 however my daily availability is like all day, i’m 100% committed obviously i don’t have a lot of power but any guild events or anything im 100% committed to doing my best, i always get 600 tickets im looking for other people who are committed to the game and are willing to connect and i dont have any specifics for things in a guild im looking for.
Hot Utils
Highly supportive semi-competitive guild, great place to learn to play and build your roster!
You should be active daily and GP >2.5million


Hot Utils

Commandos of the Gray (CotG) is an organized, competitive, and friendly guild, 1 of 7 guilds in Alliance of the Gray.  Our active Discord server is full of experienced players, resources, tips, and fun!

We look to perform across all game modes. We have a few spots opening and are looking for active players with minimum  7 GLs + 2 meta capital ships (or 6 GLs + 3 meta ships)

2023: 37 - 15
2024: 10- 10

Rise of the Empire:
Guild is focused towards farming JKC toons 
40+ Reva shards 
Reva streaming available
Reva unlocked
Zeffo Unlocked 
Expect to access Mandalore after the next Bo event!!! 

424mm crate
Guild preparing for up coming Raid!!

What we’re looking for:
• Friendly and active members 
• 10 million GP minimum (some flexibility depending on roster)
• Minimum 7 GLs + 2 meta capital ships (or 6 GLs + 3 meta ships)
• 4 Mod Quality Score
• Kyber 2 or better
• At least 8mm damage in SBPR
• TB all members participate
• 600 tickets a day 
• Notable level of Datacron investment.
• Obvious investment in Conquest. Characters activated Darth Malgus, Maul, CAT, and RC at a minimum 
• GI required, with few exceptions
• JKCK ready

If you have any questions or are interested, do not hesitate to DM me or join the discord


I’m a returning 7.4 mil player looking to up my resource hoard again. I’ve consistently played for 4 years and after a brief break, I’d like to get into a guild again. Flexibility is key for me, but I enjoy all the gamemodes and will contribute. Please feel free to reach out! 315-378-926 or https://swgoh.gg/p/315378926/

Edit: Guild/Alliance found
Looking for a good alliance willing to build certain teams if required for entry. Very active player.
Looking for a guild for 2 accounts 1m & a new f2p account, tickets every day on both, ds geos would be great, very active player
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Returning player on a fresh acc, will get 600 tickets a day currently working on phoenix/palp pack w geos in the future
Looking for a guild that runs consistent raids  with heroic AAT atleast
Hot Utils
Guild found
hey guys, im creating a new account and would like to be apart of a ds geo TB guild doing the current raid, im experienced and will be playing daily! please dm if you have a slot
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Returning player on a fresh acc, will get 600 tickets a day currently working on iden/phoenix w geos in the future

Looking for a guild that runs consistent raids 
Hot Utils

The Witcherz
215 mil GP Mid-game guild looking for progress-oriented players. We prioritize daily active players who value respect, communication, and teamwork. Primary focus is Tickets to raid and TB participation.
➡️ Raids: Endor raid 3rd crate (36 Mil) every 6-7 days.
➡️ TB: LS Hoth 44 ⭐️ (Moving to LS Geo next TB)| DS Geo 24 ⭐(37 WAT shards).
➡️ TW: 28 wins and 4 losses.
➡️ Active and supportive discord community. No toxicity.
➡️ Structured and active officers keeping guild/discord organized.
➡️ Tools and bots like HotUtils, EchoBase and other popular ones for our members and officers.
➡️ 3+ Mil GP
➡️ Wat Ready Geos
➡️ Above 515 tickets daily average every week.
➡️ Daily active and progression-oriented
➡️ Event participation. (Raids/TB/TW).
➡️ Active on Discord. (Follow Orders/Platoon Assignments and let us know about real life events)
Come help us grow and fight through Geonosis and beyond. Join in game or message me on discord at badwolf6577.
New playish working on SLKR GP: 1.26m really looking to get into a decently active clan that grinds heroic raids and TB and TW I am very committed to a guild that is willing to give me a chance
2.85m gp, will finish exec requirements by next event, high gear gas team as well among other things. Looking for a guild that does well in raids and tb
Hot Utils

No Younglings Allowed are looking for 1 active player to join us, details and requirements below. If this looks like something you would be interested in then head over to our discord server for a chat, we look forward to meeting you!


•    No Younglings Allowed 537M – an original day 1 independent UK guild (49/50)
•    Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (GMT)
•    Endor Raid (424M crate)
•    TBs we expect 100% participation
•    38 stars Rise of the Empire TB (Zeffo unlocked)
•    35+ Reva shards
•    TW is optional (if you join you must be active for both setup and attack phases)
•    600 Raid Tickets mandatory
•    Hot Utils
•    Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, India and Australia


•    10M+ GP (9.5M+ with a strong focused roster will be considered)
•    Have at least 6 GLs
•    Executor & Profundity (Leviathan would be a bonus)
•    Kyber league in GAC
•    Good mods (At least 8.5 Total Score)
•    8M+ Raid Score
•    An active Discord account is mandatory
•    A swgoh.gg profile


•    SWGOH Recruitment https://recruit.swgoh.gg/guild/343/no-younglings-allowed
•    Discord recruitment chat server https://discord.gg/X5f9pt2Uec

Looking for a guild.
Hi, I’m an inexperienced player looking to have fun whilst being part of a guild which can help me learn and progress, I’m at level 53 right now and will get 600 daily tickets everyday, please dm if you have a slot for me!
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I just sent you a DM.  We would love to have you join us.
Hi, LFG. 7.3mill Gp, 4 Gls, Exec and Prof. Will get 600 daily tickets and participate in raids, TW and TB. 
hey mates!, looking for an guild for my new alt account, im experienced an will be playing daily! so if theres an guild who can supply me with guild tokens would be amazing
Guaranteed 600 tickets daily looking for a guild that has 600 tickets daily requirement also I’m active on discord  ally code: 387-974-614 https://swgoh.gg/p/387974614/characters/

Hey all I am just putting a feeler out. As I will be moving guilds after the next TB so in about a week.

8.2 million
5 GL
2 GL ship
Slightly above average mode score.
Can put up 11 million on raid if needed but new raid should be out soon anyway so that Will change. 
I have a small assortment of rare TB op toons. 

I’m looking for a guild with good participation and a high TW win rate because it’s my favorite game mode. 

I’m leaving my current guild that I have been an officer in for a long time because I’m getting a new much more hectic job and am looking for a guild I can just be a background character in without to much pressure to do extra while I’m settling in to my new routine. 

I haven’t missed a guild event or my daily’s in a very long time, I don’t plan on it now either but my new job is gunna be kinda crazy so if I end up screwing up no hard feelings if things don’t work out! 

Reach out if you think I would be a good fit!

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Any guild that takes a level 59?
Returning player with new account looking for an active alliance.  Very active Ally code 631-429-696

Looking for an active guild that does DSG/RotE

What I offer:
- 6.8M GP
- 2 GL’s + 1 ship
- Active in all events
- 600 tix p/d
- 5M+ in SBR
- Wat-ready Geo’s
- Working towards Reva-ready Inqs and KAM-ready Clones
- Currently working on GAS > JKCK > JMK
- Experience as TW/TB officer
- Actively trying to improve my mod score

What I’m looking for:
- 300M+ GP guild
- 30+ Wat shards
- 108M crate in SBR
- Decent amount of stars in TB
- Active TW/TB mindset with everyone participating on attack phase  and CM’s
- Chatty Discord

Focusing on farming to get gas right now 
But my long term goal is to get lv
SWGOH Events

          Looking for a guild I am active in every event. Raids are my weakness I don’t have many teams for them. TW is my strength great teams and decent mods to match. TB I’m new to rote if that’s what is in rotation  Geo ready Kam Ready  about a month from exec. Looking for a guild to help me grow even further
Experienced player starting a new account with the Hyperdrive Bundle. Will work on Wat ready geos
SWGOH Events
New f2p account
600 tickets daily garunteed
just looking for a guild that does raids frequently
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SWGOH Events
Looking for guild with minimum 27* star on ROTE, and active on TW and raid

My account info 
6.9M GP
GL : JML, Jabba, Leia, JMK 
GL ship : prof and levi
Current farming plan : jmk ultimate, gearing SEE req and Jcal req
Capabilities : 
- able to complete 80% combat mission in first and second planet of ROTE ( light side and neutral side planet
- consistently getting atleast 3M  in endor Raid
- staying in kyber 4 
- usually own 3-4 datacron level 9

My weakness : 
- never tried to red box conquest nowadays, but always refreshing conquest energy 3x for datacron mats
- light side heavy, which mean having a hard time doing combat mission in dark side planet
- F2P

SWGOH Events
Edit: guild found. Thanks for all the offerings!

Hi, I’m looking for a competitive, Reva-focused guild. My swgoh.gg: https://swgoh.gg/p/556813795/

What I can bring:
- 3GL + Executor unlocked.
- GI unlocked. Ready for Reva in 2 weeks
- 3 mil dmg in SBR
- active in unlocking DCs and conquest characters (Bane unlocked, 20 shards away from Quadme)
- pay to play. progress fast. HDB 1M account -> 7M in 20 months 
- willing to farm for guild plans

I’m looking for:
- competitive and active guild. Ideally 400m+
- 27+ RoTE stars and 30+ Reva shards
- high win-rate in TWs is preferred
Good afternoon, I have just created a new f2p alt with the updated NPE and am looking to see if there is any space in the guild at this time. 

My ally code is 969-398-823
My ally code is 543-155-492
Hot Utils
guild found.
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Hello i need a guild please lvl 38 im a beginner
(GUILD FOUND) Hello there, i‘m looking for a Guild for me and my girlfriend we both started this Game, we play in the guide 23 of ahnald.
Currently we are close to level 60 our gp is 60k.
We are active playing this game and we try to grow as fast as possible.
We are from germany.
Please reach out we‘re looking for a home. 

In case my swgoh:

SWGOH Events
Hey guys, returning player, looking for an active guild. I have 770k, im a hpd bundle player aiming at executor. Im hoping to find a guild that most people get 600 tickets daily and we are running AAT. But open to others. Thanks, feel free to send me a message https://swgoh.gg/p/938948949/
SWGOH Events
Looking for a active guild that has a 600 tickets daily requirement as I will be contributing 600 tickets daily also I plan to be completely f2p  https://swgoh.gg/p/825879628/
Old player starting new F2P account following the recent changes. Looking for a guild guild to begin my journey with. Ally code- 295-234-164
Experienced player with new account. Good for 600 tix daily and just want an active guild that I can be active in with the new account.  (Home Found, thank you)
Experienced player with a new account looking for some assistance. Can’t figure out how to create a gg link under the new account because it’s not affiliated with any of my phone sign-ins. Ally code 367-914-196
SWGOH Events
Looking for a new home my guild is falling apart after leadership leaving.

Looking for:

Must be Competitive in TW and Active in Discord

ROTE: 30+ Stars 

6.9M GP
GL: 3 (Rey, SLKR, JML working on Leia/Profundity)
GL Fleet: 7* Exec
GAC: Kyber 3
Tickets: Always get my 600

SWGOH Events
Looking for guild that do Hoth Rebel TB and must have 45 stars
SWGOH Events
Daily player, active, working on first all relic team (CLS)
SWGOH Events
https://swgoh.gg/p/576576419/ looking for a guild for my alt account. Always active, 600 tickets. Closing in on third GL, then executor, then inquisitors. Main is in K2, i have a lot of experience
Hot Utils

All I want is KAM shards lmao. Stop telling me to use my mk3 tokens! The conversion factor is ass and I need kyros!
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Started a new account recently, looking for a fairly early game guild that does raids and territory wars frequently. Only up to 145k GP currently but am fairly active
SWGOH Events
New player looking for a supportive guild
SWGOH Events
Started a new account, always wanted to get into this game but the 85 grind was always awful. Apparently they fixed that so I’m trying again. Always hit my 600 tickets
SWGOH Events
Starting a new account after a couple years away from the game. 600 tickets daily, just looking for a boost in developing
Experienced 7.6m player looking for a guild earning 35+ ROTE, 424 on raid, and consistent TW wins https://swgoh.gg/p/129235529/
Veteran player starting a new f2p account with the new changes. Probably going to follow the new farming guide but unsure. Can promise 600 tickets. 

Two very experienced players looking preferably for a LS Geo/ROTE guild that gets as many KAM shards as possible on the LS rotation; will consider high-achieving full-time ROTE. Both have Reva and can pick up a shard each for you. Both working on JKCK.
Hi, I’m looking for and active guild that is doing at least the Sith raid and any territory war

What do I bring: I’m and active player with 600 daily tickets, I’m consistent top 100 at fleet arena and scrapping sometimes top 50. I’m working on my geos for the long run and I follow orders on territory wars

SWGOH Events
Free to play going for executor I will and can get 600 tickets daily looking for a guild that has that as a requirement also I’m active on discord https://swgoh.gg/p/231548781/characters/
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Looking for a guild that has speeder bike raid, 500k gp active daily and gets 600 tickets each day
SWGOH Events
Guild found
SWGOH Events
New alt acct with update, looking for a guild for raids. 600 tickets daily. Thanks!
Need guild for my alt new 529-146-277
SWGOH Events
started a f2p account. anyone have a guild that needs 600 tickets daily?
SWGOH Events
Currently 2M GP, looking for an active guild to chase Wat Tambor shards & do Speeder raids!
SWGOH Events
Looking for a guild that does rancor raids and is chill with doing the low levle ones bc i just started the game                        https://swgoh.gg/p/323436157/
SWGOH Events
Looking for an active guild that takes on newer players. I’m currently at 931k GP, and always get 600 tickets every day. 

Just started a new account, looking to see how the early game experience is now. Lvl 30, 600 tix guaranteed.
SWGOH Events
Looking for guild that does speedster raid frequently
Returning player with 1.8mil gp 
Can join after current TW
SWGOH Events
Looking for a more serious guild, preferably getting atleast the 108 mil crate on the raid.

Started 6 months ago and have 4.5 mil gp. 
Just got SLKR probably a month or two from getting Rey and Executor before I decide what to farm next. 
- 6.3Mil
- Working for JML have him before end of august 
- Executor (4 stars)
- I might forget raid and TB/TW sometimes unless reminded
- Willing to change farming plans for guild  

Guild found
SWGOH Events
Looking for:
Semi-casual TW
36+ in ROTE, hitting Zeffo
424+ Raid (getting ready for new raid)

I have:
11.5 mil GP
8 GLs & 3 Fleet GLs
Red Crate Conquest
Reva & Zeffo ready, working toward Mandalore
Kyber 2
Preparing for new raid; Gungans complete and working on new GA

SWGOH Events
<@846623334896369684> I just sent you a dm we would be honored if you join us.
SWGOH Events
Me and a friend need a guild we’re over 300k and we’re willing to grow and help people if needed
SWGOH Events
Guild found, thanks all!
SWGOH Events
Guild found! Thank you all for the invites.
SWGOH Events
Usually you “advertise” your profile and explain what kind of guild you are looking for. If you have registered with the swgoh.gg website, you can post your profile link there for people to look at.
SWGOH Events
Can some please explain to me how this works
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Guild found
Looking for a new RotE guild.  11M GP.  
SWGOH Events
thanks for all the messages
I am looking for a new guild. https://swgoh.gg/p/169189451/
SWGOH Events
Guild Found
SWGOH Events
Looking for a guild for my 5.45mil account I have LV, Rey, Reva and executor, working towards a few farms before I go into the SLKR grind. https://swgoh.gg/p/113987165/characters/ Full rote only. Please DM for any questions.
SWGOH Events
Straight up just need an active guild. I have just under 2.5 million power and just need 40 more shards to get the finalized and SLKR
Hellooo. Roughly new player looking for an alliance that will help me be great
preferably not one of those large clusters
Looking for a guild. Lv40 GP 90K. Active player, guaranteed 600 tickets a day.

SWGOH Events
Hello, looking for a guild who farms 30+ reva shards per rote for my friend, this is my friend’s profile, currently she is farming for inquisitors and will gear them up soon, dm me if interested, https://swgoh.gg/p/459449512/
Hey, am a veteran player starting a f2p account and looking for a guild. I am very active, will produce max tickets and will participate in all guild events. If u would be interested please hit me up and I promise u wont regret it. 

(guild found)                     https://swgoh.gg/p/154651965/
SWGOH Events
Long term vet with a fresh new account to goof around on. Just unlocked guilds and looking for an early game guild to get going with.
SWGOH Events
Looking for guild that does the light side battles for separatist might for KAM shards
Hot Utils
Que tal, busco gremio semicompetitivo, tengo 7.5M, 3 leyendas, SLKR en proceso de desbloqueo y Jabba, en farmeo. Cuento con Executor y Profundidad. 
SWGOH Events
FOUND, Thank you for the messages
SWGOH Events
7m, 3 gls, 1 gl ship, k4, getting about 3.8m in endor. zeffo ready (just jkck and cere - i can work on r7 clones if needed). working on reva ready inqs rn. my current guild does 28 stars in rote. ideally just looking for a guild that either is zeffo ready or working to it. 
SWGOH Events
Guild Found
SWGOH Events
Hello! Looking for a guild for my alt account day1.. https://swgoh.gg/p/964393678/
SWGOH Events
SWGOH Events
Guild found
SWGOH Events
<@550495803467235351> check dms
SWGOH Events
Found one, thank you.
Hi. Only been playing a year. 2.7M GP. Daily player, active in guild events, 600 tickets daily. LF fully active guild with similar GP.
SWGOH Events
Newer player(level 48), looking for a guild to grow with. 600 tickets daily. Still working on starting teams hoping to then branch out to executor as my first major goal. 579 565 673
SWGOH Events
6.4mil gp 2 gl and executor. Looking for a new guild with high activity
Hot Utils
Returning player looking for a new guild. Working on getting ult for Rey. Will start working on Inqs and Jedi Cal farm next
Hot Utils

Hey, PVP player looking for new 430M+ guild  that would help me to get Reva (my Inq not ready but can switch focus for them)


<:sixdot:935965879244574740> 8,636,155 GP
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> 600 daily ofc
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> TW everytime (can focus just on attack if necessary)
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> 3 GL atm but Rey in 2 weeks and speedrunning to Jabba atm
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> Bane ready R8
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> Bo-katan Mandalore ready R8
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> Levi + Exe
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> Kyber 2 for few months atm
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> Mod Score 3.93
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> Datacron farmer player
<:sixdot:935965879244574740> I am CET / UTC+1
Hot Utils
Gents, been off for a few months due to work.


Hey. looking for a guild that can help accelerate my Reva farm, I have inquisitors Reva ready.

I am currently farming for GL Rey ult, & leviathan requirements. Will likely complete Zori, Merrin and Captain Rex after to complete their squads. 

Current GL: SLKR, JML, SEE, Jabba, Rey(nonult) Ships: Exec & Profundity

4.4 Modscore - Hotutils GMT Based
Hot Utils
Oh and they all have SLKR. How do you like them thumbs. 
https://swgoh.gg/p/164172162/ LFG
Speed Bike raid on repeat
ROTE only guild
Would prefer a SLKR specific guild. But it is what it is
Hot Utils
Hello brand new account. Looking for whatever guild I can help. Shoot me a message in discord https://swgoh.gg/p/733856671/
Hot Utils
I am 2.5 million GP and I will soon have SLKR. I am active daily as well as collect 600 tickets. I have active GEOs and after my SLKR farm I will go back and round out my roaster. I am looking for a good guild (preferably over 200m GP) also I want them to be a bit competitive and I am also looking for good guidance.
Hot Utils
10.9mil member of ours, Reva ready and win mission consistently. Looking to merc next 3 rote for 44+ Reva each TB for unlock. Will stay and participate for all events in guild during merc (meaning they stay for tw and all that) then will return to their guild after the 3rd TB. Please only message if earning 44+ Reva. https://swgoh.gg/p/642593668/
Hot Utils
Hows it going guys, I started an alt today on my laptop and just level 28 , not much to show for the account in terms of toons but they will be coming along soon. I can promise that I will be very active and get 600 tickets a day. Would love to join an active guild that I can grow alongside with!
Hot Utils
Hot Utils

Looking for a mid level guild for me(the link above), my son, and my wife.

I am 4.5 gp, I will be grabbing those bundles soon, and I have Rey, am half way to JML and I am also currently farming the characters for Leia as well as Jedi Cal.

My son is 2.6m gp and has purchased the bundles. Ally code 163-545-357

My wife is 2.7m gp and also purchased said bundles. She is well on her way to SLKR. Ally code 787-872-913
Hot Utils
Looking for guild…plan is to “rush” either inquisitors or leia…guild can decide! Long term goal is inq, leia, Jabba, jml, with profundity in the back ground! 600 daily I do accelerate farming but by no means whale. Please consider accepting me I will be an asset in the long run! https://swgoh.gg/p/229141411/
Hot Utils
Looking for a guild to help with WAT shards, currently have WAT ready geos with GBA at R3, GP of 1.2m, currently getting 600 tickets 3ish days a week. Also have a 5 month old so while i play every day and try my best to grind as much as possible somedays i wont be 100% present. That being said I do my best to remember to place in TW, and help with raids (I am not Krayt dragon ready, unsure about other raids, would love to get Sith Traya shards as well if possible.)
Ally Code: 752-873-424
Hot Utils
also willing to farm anything required for the guild as long as side objectives are allowed
Hot Utils
<@&596101481510207489> can we have these removed please? Or put in <#638479232917307403> ?
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(Guild found) Correction. 3 accounts looking for a new home. 15m gp over the 3.
Hot Utils
Anyone level 85 join my guild. Search heroes of lost kingdom. And join tw! Lesssgoooo
Hot Utils
Looking for a decent guild that does Krayt on loop and is in the early stages of ROtE, 
About to hit 3mil GP and just unlocked executor, working towards jabba.
Hot Utils
(guild found) My friend and I are looking for a fully active guild that coordinates on territory wars. I have 3.5 mil GP and we both get 600 raid tickets most days. I have gear 12 geos, gear 12 trio, and starkiller. We are both active on discord, and I watch ahnaldt on YouTube for news and advice. These are our accounts:                  https://swgoh.gg/p/266571234/
Hot Utils
Need guild who understands people have lives...
Get 600 most days, do all guild events https://swgoh.gg/p/118877119/
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(GUILD FOUND)Very active player looking for a guild with competitive and active new players. I am a new account starting from scratch but have played for years and you won’t find anyone more dedicated. About me:
- I spend 2400 crystals per day on farming
- 600 Tickets every day
- Will always join TW and TB and participate as much as my roster is able
- Working on Wat ready geos right off the bat
- Current farm is Executor, but building strong useful teams along the way to help the guild
- HotUtils chile member very focused on mod farming 
What I’m looking for in a guild:
- Members are getting their 500-600 tickets every day
- Required participation in TB and TW.  
I know I’m a new account, but I would like to join a guild with players as focused on getting the most out of this game as I am. Thanks! https://swgoh.gg/p/466851998/
SWGOH Team Manager
New Guild Just Looking For Any Members!
Casual starter guild looking to grow and help foster new players or older players getting back into the game after a break. Recently started and looking for active players capable of earning raid tickets to help the guild grow. Currently at 15 members and 30mil GP. If interested guild name is Force Skins Alliance. Discord is- https://discord.gg/Xxr69x9g
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***Guild found***
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LFG: I am currently looking for a guild to house my alt account. I used to be a GL so I know how the game works with leadership and my main account is in one of the games top guilds. Since this is my alt it may lack a bit of attention at times since my main priority is my main account. I’m 2.6mil gp and not to far off of slkr. Looking for a guild doing double RoTe. https://swgoh.gg/p/927198456/characters/
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Looking for a guild for after TB.
Looking for:
36* in RotE Minimum
265Mil Krayt Box
TW - at least 70% Win Rate

10.8 Mil GP Account
All GLs and GL Cap Ships
6.2Mil+ personal Krayt Score consistently every single Raid

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Looking for a Merc opportunity. Need atleast 9 Reva shards guranteed. Will stay through Tb. 10M GP complete all ticket requirements and all events. 7 GL’s. https://swgoh.gg/p/873499652/
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Looking for a guild to merc for temporarily.
- Reva ready, 100% success, always remod
- 2 GLs
- Exec
- Good mods
- 600 tickets
- Active participation

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(Guild Found) https://swgoh.gg/p/163326194/ - 4.7m gp 2gls LV and SEE just looking for a decently active guild that does the new raid and the new tb
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GUILD FOUND https://swgoh.gg/p/452715566/ - Ideally looking for a UK/EU based guild but not massively important, looking for an active guild to participate in, I play consistently every day and I’m always looking to improve or take feedback on new directions - DM me if suited
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Guild found

https://swgoh.gg/p/971744532/ looking for Guild that does DS geo 280mil minimum with 25mil kryat box DM with guild info
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( Guild found )

Delaroxx- https://swgoh.gg/p/271964385/

Msg me if you have any questions. 

About me:

6 GLs
61x 25+ speed mods

- If you have HU war tools I’ll set platoons otherwise I’ll try to set it but can’t guarantee. 
- will deploy unless you take too long to open it then I can’t guarantee.
- Don’t count on me for CMs
- ~1.5m and working/hoarding for Jabba
- I’ll do defense as requested (again, war tools would catch my eyes)
- Will do my best at offense, but don’t expect full participation if your guild hit last hour 
- won’t fail
- Don’t count on me for this on this act.  
- 7* Inqs but will finish Jabba first. 
- Kinda decent I think for a low act. 

What I’m LF:

Casual guild but not a ghost one. 

- I don’t care about Reva shards or how many stars you get.

- 90m box

- minimum organization at least

Don’t care about total guild GP, I’m LF active GP. Please be honest with me as I was in my post. 

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Looking to merc for next TB - ROTE only. 4.4m GP - https://swgoh.gg/p/924939564/ GUILD FOUND
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Looking for a new home, not really found somewhere I’m happy with after leaving a long term guild.  Hit me with what you got
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Looking for a guild that is averaging 36 or more WAT shards and could take me in for the next TB.
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Search for a New Guild
Three players looking for a guild that is 450+ mil GP. We are looking for a more hardcore guild that does Krayt and ROTE TB. We want a guild that is serious and members try to do their best. If interested in this package deal DM me.

Execute Order 69
7,000,238 GP
Farming GI
33 Waves ROTE TB
1,847,589 Krayt Score

MINI Kovacs
7,405,505 GP
Farming Profundity and GI
58 Waves ROTE TB
450,000 Krayt Score

MINI LordBassoli
5,915,713 GP
3 GLs (Rey, JMK, SEE)
Farming GI
26 Waves ROTE TB
1,500,000 Krayt Score
SWGOH Team Manager
Looking for a guild
Casual player - 2.5 GLs 
NZ time zone... 
8.9 M gp
but busy work life...
and kind offers appreciated :)
SWGOH Team Manager
DRAMA free, active players - Brotherhood of Ashbo
Competitive but casual. DRAMA FREE accepting Singles or small groups.
Minimum requirements: 6M GP or higher | 2GLs | 2571 skill rating | Participation in all guild events.
Contact: Discord (jaybee#5246), or in-game (421-423-721)
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https://swgoh.gg/p/586586992/ just looking
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Guild Found.    9.75M Casually  Competitive Player, I am looking for a new guild after the current TB, I have already informed my lead.  I recently finished GI and want to be able to achieve Reva shards in RotE.  I am working on Aphra. I unlocked Scythe in the last conquest. I have all GLs. US West Coast Player  https://swgoh.gg/p/236698287/
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All joined TW
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9.7M player looking for a 450M+ guild with a TW focus (EU-friendly preferred). Reva ready, 11/16 for Jabba https://swgoh.gg/p/587978317/
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Looking for a guild. 
5.2m gp
5* Exec, JMLS, Malgus, a week away from SEE.

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Looking to merc for a HOTH LSTB  hoping to get as many rolo shards as possible https://swgoh.gg/p/481775632/
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https://swgoh.gg/p/542991359/ https://swgoh.gg/p/159831931/ https://swgoh.gg/p/425128682/ guild found
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Guild Found / Account SOLD

8.4mil gp Alt account, US guild/English speaking requirement. R9 mats requirement as well.

SWGOH Team Manager
Гильдия TOH призывает в свои ряды!
Гильдия TOH призывает в свои ряды!


Сброс энки 20:30 (МСК)
ГМ гильдии на 370кк+
32* на ДТТБ
26* на ДСТБ
ЯМА 2.0 - быстрое прохождение

1. ГМ от 5кк 
2. Энка 600
3. Наличие минимум 2 светлых легенд
4. Участие на ТБ и ВГ с полной отдачей
5. Любое читерство категорически запрещено
6. Общение в Телеграм
7. Профиль на swgoh.gg


БОТЫ гильдии:
Телеграм: @SWGOH_GuildBot
Дискорд: @SWGOH_HUB_bot

Рекрутёр: @radgura
SWGOH Team Manager
Temos vaga disponíveis para players que queiram se divertir e criar vínculos de amizade e irmandade.

 - Guilda com 263M de PG: https://swgoh.gg/g/q43G6DAoTn-Z6vCc0k6uoA/
 - 65 lendas
Fazemos atualmente:
- 12 
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Edit:  Guild Found

Looking for a new guild after 2 1/2 years with my previous one.

*Always join TW & TB.

*Mostly F2P but grind continuously and have most of the GL toons, and working on the rest.

*Do daily raid tix.

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Edit: Guild Found
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This is a stretch, LFG doing LS Hoth so I can do the stupid rogue 1 mission to get my Fulcrum portrait. I’ll just be coming in for the 6 days of lstb, and I can’t stress enough, need a guild that will get all the way to the r1 mission

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Guild Found
SWGOH Team Manager
RoBBoS ReBels n Me
                About Us

We are an independent Uk based Guild currently running at 182mgp. We are currently looking for players we can welcome in to the guild, starting from 3mgp & up, who are focused, and keen to progress. You don’t have to have a GL, just be semi serious, and play daily. So if that sounds like you, then drop by for a chat. 

We’re a very well organised & well structured Guild with an amazing bunch of guys. We do like to push the limits, and maximise our efforts, after all isn’t that what guild life is about “working collectively as a team”. We give clear direction and help with regards to what we require from you in an event, but other than that you play your game, the way you want. We ask for the optimal amount of raid tickets from you daily, which allows that raids can be launched regularly “pretty much  daily”.  We also have an excellent success rate of 90% + in TW, and we’re consistently improving in both Geos TB’s, maximising our rewards.

TB and TW focused guild (we have a very high participation rate) 

We use SWGOH Team Manager, to plan out our strategy for every TW, helping us to maximise our efforts. 

          Raid Information

We’re fully Heroic with HSTR
Heroic Pit & HAAT raid on Sim
All Raids launch at 1900hrs gmt on 24hr join 

DS - Geonosis 23 ⭐️ + 22 WAT shards + 
LS - Geonosis 9 ⭐️ 



Feel free to come and have a chat if you’d like to know more. 
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Looking to merc for TW. 

320M GP minimum or 300M GP with a win streak of 5 

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guild found
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Trying to move a group of 5 accounts (4 players) to a guild ~250 mil if possible. All very active players that are looking to contribute to an active guild. 

DMs are open!

Account gps:
6.8 mil (4 GLs, JMK)
3.58 mil (JML) 
3.65 (SEE)
3.27 mil (GAS, 1 toon off SEE)
2.66 (SLKR) 

Here are the swgoh.gg’s in order listed above: